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Empower Your Business with OpExx

OpExx is an innovative Cloud Billing and Management Platform that solves the problem of deciphering complicated cloud output (invoices) by presenting it to any user in an easy-to-understand business intelligence (BI) dashboard.  Our platform provides clear visibility to businesses for intelligence, management and cost-saving purposes. 

Cloud Cost Management at Lightning Speed

Flexibility and Scalability for Your Needs

Collaboration that Drives Results

Revolutionising Cloud Cost Management

We understand that managing cloud resources and understanding the associated costs can be challenging for businesses.  OpExx simplifies this process by providing a user-friendly interface that presents cloud billing data in a meaningful way, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and optimise their cloud usage. 


Why Choose OpExx

OpExx distinguishes itself through its user-friendly interface, comprehensive business intelligence dashboard, focus on ease-of-use features and is a stand-alone product requiring no integration or security concerns.  OpExx has also been built from the ground up as a multi-tiered, multi tenanted platform that allows the IT channel to offer value to their business offerings.  It also makes OpExx highly desirable to any partner looking to build an ARR based revenue stream. 

Autonomous Standalone Application


OpExx is a standalone application that requires no integration with the primary cloud account to provide valuable business insights.

Multi Cloud Management Icon


Gain a holistic view of your hybrid multi-cloud estate and normalise cross region spend into a common currency.

Customisable Dashboards for Cloud Management

Customisable Dashboards

Our BI application provides you with customisable dashboards to visualise your cloud usage and spending data.

Collaborative Cloud Management


Collaborate with team members and channel partners to work together on cloud cost management.

Company Overview

OpExx is a born in the cloud software company based in Maidenhead, UK.  We specialise in developing cloud management solutions that help businesses effectively manage their cloud resources and expenditure. 

Standalone Application

Actionable Recommendations

User-Friendly Interface

Multi-Cloud by Design

As an autonomous application OpExx needs no integration with the primary cloud account.  Data is uploaded into the application via a CSV output from the native cloud provider.

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Amazon Web Services Logo
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Choose Your Plan

OpExx offers flexible plans to fit both business model and budget.  Choose the plan that works best for you.

Designed For End User Client
Free Plan
  • Max $10,000 Data Analysis
  • Max One Subscription ID
Designed For MSPs & CSPs
Rolling Monthly
  • No Setup Fee

  • Pay Per Use

  • Monthly Rolling Payment Plan

  • Aggregate Billing

  • Unlimited Accounts

  • Unlimited Analysis

Designed For OEMs & Distributors
Fixed Contract
  • Hosted Application

  • Fully Branded

  • Dedicated Infrastructure

  • Unlimited MSPs & CSPs

  • Unlimited Accounts

  • Unlimited Analysis

Optimise your cloud cost management with OpExx BI application.  Gain insights, cost-saving recommendations and data-driven decision support.  Get started today.

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